Calling All Student Volunteers: Summer Reading Program

Millington Arbela District Library is looking for Student Volunteers to help with the Summer Reading Program. To qualify as a Student Volunteer, the student must be in Middle or High School. The student must be reliable, friendly, able to receive instruction and follow it as asked. The volunteers will need to be articulate, well spoken, and able to communicate clearly with young children and adults. Once committed to volunteering, the student must be on time and dressed appropriately each week of the eight (8) week program.

During the Summer Reading Program, Student Volunteers will be required to help with the following:

From 10am-10:30am the volunteers will help with our Reading Buddy program. This involves interacting with children in grades K-5 who want or need extra help becoming proficient readers. Depending on the age level, the child will read to the volunteer or be read to. This program is meant to encourage children in their learning process and to foster a life-long love of reading.

From 10:45am-12:00pm the volunteers will help with running our Summer Reading Program. This program is set up in stations and teens will work at an assigned station instructing and assisting children on a particular activity. The stations will include arts and crafts, STEM activities, building with various plastic blocks, games, and outdoor activities of many kinds. Volunteers will receive instructions and station assignments from 10:30am-10:45am. Volunteers will also help during a short clean-up time following the program.

Although this is a volunteer position, students who successfully completes this time with our library can use this as a reference when applying to other job, upon request. Their time spent with our Program also counts towards hours of community service.

If interested, you may fill out and turn in the Student Summer Reading Volunteer Application below either in person at the library or via email at