Michigan Freedom of Information Act

This policy is intended to meet the requirements of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.

I. A brief description of our public body is as follows:

A. Millington Arbela District Library’s purpose is to provide materials and services for the recreational, social, informational, and educational needs of the community. Our service area is the townships of Millington and Arbela.
B. Funding sources are property and personal property replacement taxes, state per capita grants, late fees, charges, used book sales, and donations.
C. The office is located at this address: 8530 Depot St, Millington MI 48746
D. The library employs approximately the following number of persons: Full-time 1; Part-time 5.
E. Millington Arbela District Library’s Board of Trustees exercises control over our policies and procedures. The seven board members are elected in four year terms. The board meets monthly on first Monday of each month @ 7:00 PM, at the library.
F. The library is required to report and be answerable for our operations to the State Librarian.

II. You may request the information and records available to the public in the following manner:

A. Please use our FOIA Request Form.
B. Your request should be directed to the following individual: Sarah Rick, Director (FOIA officer).
C. You must indicate whether you have a “commercial purpose” in your request.
D. You must specify the records requested to be disclosed for inspection or to be copied. If you desire that any records be certified, you must specify which ones.
E. To reimburse us our actual costs for reproducing and certifying (if requested) the records, you will be charged the following fees: $0.15 per black and white page charge for copied records. The actual copying cost of color copies and other sized copies will be charged. There is a $1.00 charge for each certification of records.
F. If the records are kept in electronic format, you may request a specific format and if feasible, they will be so provided, but if not, they will be provided either in the electronic format in which they are kept (and you would be required to pay the actual cost of the medium only, i.e. usb, etc.) or in paper as you select.
G. The office will respond to a written request within five (5) working days or sooner if possible. An extension of an additional five (5) working days may be necessary to properly respond.
H. Records may be inspected or copied. If inspected, an employee must be present throughout the inspection.

III. The place and times where the records will be available are as follows:

9 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 9 AM to 6 PM on Friday at the Millington Arbela District Library located at 8530 Depot Street in Millington, Michigan.

This policy was adopted on May 4, 2015