Calling All Student Volunteers: Summer Reading Program

Millington Arbela District Library is look­ing for Student Volunteers to help with the Summer Reading Program. To qual­i­fy as a Student Volunteer, the stu­dent must be in Middle or High School. The stu­dent must be reli­able, friend­ly, able to receive instruc­tion and fol­low it as asked. The vol­un­teers will need to be artic­u­late, well spo­ken, and able to com­mu­ni­cate clear­ly with young chil­dren and adults. Once com­mit­ted to vol­un­teer­ing, the stu­dent must be on time and dressed appro­pri­ate­ly each week of the eight (8) week program.

During the Summer Reading Program, Student Volunteers will be required to help with the following:

From 10am-10:30am the vol­un­teers will help with our Reading Buddy pro­gram. This involves inter­act­ing with chil­dren in grades K‑5 who want or need extra help becom­ing pro­fi­cient read­ers. Depending on the age lev­el, the child will read to the vol­un­teer or be read to. This pro­gram is meant to encour­age chil­dren in their learn­ing process and to fos­ter a life-long love of reading.

From 10:45am-12:00pm the vol­un­teers will help with run­ning our Summer Reading Program. This pro­gram is set up in sta­tions and teens will work at an assigned sta­tion instruct­ing and assist­ing chil­dren on a par­tic­u­lar activ­i­ty. The sta­tions will include arts and crafts, STEM activ­i­ties, build­ing with var­i­ous plas­tic blocks, games, and out­door activ­i­ties of many kinds. Volunteers will receive instruc­tions and sta­tion assign­ments from 10:30am-10:45am. Volunteers will also help dur­ing a short clean-up time fol­low­ing the program.

Although this is a vol­un­teer posi­tion, stu­dents who suc­cess­ful­ly com­pletes this time with our library can use this as a ref­er­ence when apply­ing to oth­er job, upon request. Their time spent with our Program also counts towards hours of com­mu­ni­ty service.

If inter­est­ed, you may fill out and turn in the Student Summer Reading Volunteer Application below either in per­son at the library or via email at