Thank you for your inter­est in mak­ing a dona­tion to Millington Arbela District Library!

Members of the com­mu­ni­ty are encour­aged to sup­port the mis­sion of the Millington Arbela District Library through gifts in the form of mate­ri­als or finan­cial support.

Monetary gifts are wel­come and used to enhance pro­grams and ser­vices.  Donations are now accept­ed on-line!  Please vis­it: to make a dona­tion now.

Used ink car­tridges are turned into funds for sum­mer reading.

Book & Material Donations -

Items must be in gift wor­thy” (good/excellent) con­di­tion and free of odor (exam­ple: musty or smoke smelling), mold and infes­ta­tion. We will not accept items that are dam­aged, dirty, marked, worn, torn or oth­er­wise in poor condition.

The library will not accept the fol­low­ing materials:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Textbooks
  • Condensed books (Reader’s Digest)
  • Encyclopedias

How to Donate

Due to space lim­i­ta­tions and the cost of han­dling dona­tions, please con­sid­er call­ing the library pri­or to bring­ing in large dona­tions.  We can­not unload dona­tions from vehi­cles in the park­ing lot.  Please bring your items in box­es or bags that do not need to be returned. If you need a receipt, please reach out to the library upon sub­mit­ting your donation.

Other Options

If your poten­tial dona­tion does­n’t fit our guide­lines, please don’t wor­ry! There are a vari­ety of oth­er options for you:

  • Tuscola County Recycling
    • Recycling gives new life to old mate­ri­als! Note: the recy­cling cen­ter will not accept items that have water damage.
    • 1123 Mertz Rd, Caro, MI 48723
  • Goodwill (Caro)
    • 1560 W Caro Rd, Caro, MI 48723
  • Goodwill (Frankenmuth)
    • 435 N Main St, Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734
  • Goodwill (Birch Run) 
    • 12365 S Beyer Rd, Birch Run, MI 48415
  • Goodwill (Clio)
    • 4082 W Vienna Rd, Clio, MI 48420