Peggy Olsen Resigns

Stack of books

fter twenty-​six years of lov­ing ser­vice to the com­mu­nity as Director of the Millington Arbela District Library, Margaret (Peggy) Olsen has an­nounced her res­ig­na­tion ef­fec­tive July 31, 2016. Frequently ar­riv­ing for work an hour early, Peggy has al­ways strived to make the li­brary a safe haven for the free­dom of thought and civil dis­course.

Many things have changed dur­ing the decades that Peggy has held the helm of the li­brary. Some of those changes are: the dif­fer­ent role li­brary ser­vices play in the com­mu­nity, the evo­lu­tion from printed re­search ma­te­ria – to its easy avail­abil­ity via the Internet, e-​books, the ease of ac­cess to in­ter­loaned ma­te­r­ial from any­where in the state, and the rise of so­cial me­dia.

During Peggy’s tenure the li­brary:

  • Was as­sured sta­ble fund­ing by the for­ma­tion of a li­brary dis­trict
  • In 1991, built an ad­di­tion which in­creased the size of the li­brary by ap­prox­i­mately twenty-​five per­cent
  • Used grant money and do­nated ser­vices to in­stall the library’s first net­worked, com­put­er­ized, cat­a­log and cir­cu­la­tion sys­tem
  • Remodeled the re­strooms bring­ing them up to code
  • Installed a more energy-​efficient light­ing sys­tem
  • Replaced the un­even south side side­walk af­ter im­prov­ing drainage
  • Replaced bro­ken or­na­men­tal con­crete with columns
  • Purchased the va­cant house and lot next door to the li­brary
  • Demolished house to re­move blight and to pro­vide for fu­ture needs of the li­brary
  • Enlarged and paved the park­ing lot af­ter im­prov­ing drainage
  • Created more hand­i­capped park­ing spaces
  • Created gar­dens on three sides of the li­brary build­ing
  • Purchased leather fur­ni­ture for the pub­lic read­ing area
  • Replaced solid doors to the con­fer­ence room with glass
  • More than dou­bled the book and DVD bud­get
  • Insulated the ceil­ing
  • Replaced gut­ters and in­stalled gut­ter guards
  • Replaced the worn Formica(r) cov­ered cir­cu­la­tion desk­top with gran­ite
  • Replaced the library’s roof with ex­tremely long-​life steel roof­ing ma­te­r­ial

Thank you, Peggy. It was a job well done.