Now Hiring a Library Page

The job descrip­tion is as follows:

General respon­si­bil­i­ties and duties:

Under super­vi­sion, the page:

 Shelves and orga­nizes all library materials

 Reads shelves to ver­i­fy each item in prop­er location

 Assists patrons in find­ing the mate­ri­als they need

 Assists patrons with com­put­er use and answers tech­ni­cal questions

 Helps pre­pare the library for pro­gram use

 Assists with open­ing and clos­ing procedures

 Helps with gen­er­al library needs such as sweep­ing and shov­el­ing side­walks, tak­ing out garbage or clean­ing windows

 Creates pro­mo­tion­al mate­r­i­al includ­ing fly­ers and displays

 Facilitates pro­gram­ming, as need­ed, in skill set

 Interacts and com­mu­ni­cates effec­tive­ly with patrons and staff

 Other duties as assigned


 Works under the gen­er­al super­vi­sion of the Library Assistant on duty, the Assistant Director and Director of the library


 Must be at least 16 years old and have com­plet­ed the 10th grade

 Must com­plete work per­mit upon hire

 Knowledge of the alpha­bet­i­cal, numer­i­cal and dec­i­mal sys­tems of library mate­r­i­al arrangement

 Knowledge of com­put­er soft­ware includ­ing: Windows, Google, and Microsoft Office

 Knowledge of inter­net search tech­niques and com­put­er relat­ed technology

 Strong ver­bal, writ­ten and inter­per­son­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills

 Enthusiastic, friend­ly, and approach­able with a will­ing­ness to learn and to adapt to a var­ied work schedule

 Physical mobil­i­ty to com­fort­ably lift, car­ry, and move 50 pounds

 Available to work evenings and Saturdays