Entire Library Staff Is Now CPR Certified

CPR Certifiction Logo

he entire staff of the Millington Arbela District Library is now trained in basic First Aid, the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and have received CPR Certification. Cardiopulmonary resus­ci­ta­tion (CPR) is a life­sav­ing tech­nique use­ful in many emer­gen­cies, includ­ing heart attack or near drown­ing, in which some­one’s breath­ing or heart­beat has stopped.

It is hoped that these skills will nev­er need to be put to use. However, if the need should arise, the staff is ready to respond. The next step in this project is to buy a portable defib­ril­la­tor, pos­si­bly with grant funds.