Early Literacy Station For Kids

AWE Early Literacy Station

ring your favorite kid and try out the AWE Early Literacy Station™ at the Millington Arbela District Library. The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is a dynam­ic, dig­i­tal learn­ing solu­tion, touch screen com­put­er. It is intend­ed for use by chil­dren aged two to eight. It requires no Internet con­nec­tion so it is safe and secure.

It fea­tures more than 60 edu­ca­tion­al soft­ware pro­grams that have been designed to teach skills in math, read­ing, log­ic and oth­er areas. The edu­ca­tion­al titles are dis­played using engag­ing graph­ics and intu­itive menus. The touch screen works well for lit­tle hands that can­not use a mouse.ELS and happy kids photo

In addi­tion to favorites like Dora the Explorer and World of Goo, the con­tent is an eclec­tic mix. The Early Literacy Station fea­tures a lot of recent­ly devel­oped gems includ­ing: Speakaboos e‑books, Math Doodles, Kid Pix 3D, Know Your World, Volcanic Panic, Getting Ready for Kindergarten, Britannica Learning Suite, SpongeBob SquarePants Typing, and Science Express.

In the year since it was donat­ed by the Millington Lions Club, the ELS has proven to be very pop­u­lar with both chil­dren and their par­ents. It can be found in the Southeast cor­ner of the library’s Children’s Area.