Early Literacy Station For Kids

AWE Early Literacy Station

ring your fa­vorite kid and try out the AWE Early Literacy Station™ at the Millington Arbela District Library. The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is a dy­namic, dig­i­tal learn­ing so­lu­tion, touch screen com­puter. It is in­tended for use by chil­dren aged two to eight. It re­quires no Internet con­nec­tion so it is safe and se­cure.

It fea­tures more than 60 ed­u­ca­tional soft­ware pro­grams that have been de­signed to teach skills in math, read­ing, logic and other ar­eas. The ed­u­ca­tional ti­tles are dis­played us­ing en­gag­ing graph­ics and in­tu­itive menus. The touch screen works well for lit­tle hands that can­not use a mouse.ELS and happy kids photo

In ad­di­tion to fa­vorites like Dora the Explorer and World of Goo, the con­tent is an eclec­tic mix. The Early Literacy Station fea­tures a lot of re­cently de­vel­oped gems in­clud­ing: Speakaboos e-​books, Math Doodles, Kid Pix 3D, Know Your World, Volcanic Panic, Getting Ready for Kindergarten, Britannica Learning Suite, SpongeBob SquarePants Typing, and Science Express.

In the year since it was do­nated by the Millington Lions Club, the ELS has proven to be very pop­u­lar with both chil­dren and their par­ents. It can be found in the Southeast cor­ner of the library’s Children’s Area.