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We are thrilled to share an­other re­source — A se­ries of daily vir­tual story times with best­selling and award-​winning au­thors and il­lus­tra­tors, and celebrity read­ers! Many other re­sources too. Parents mag­a­zine has an­nounced #ReadTogetherBeTogether for all those who are hun­ker­ing down with their kid­dos – The U.S.

Library Closure

MADL COVD-​19 Response

MADL Bid Request for Janitorial Services

The Millington Arbela District Library is re­quest­ing bids for jan­i­to­r­ial ser­vices. The build­ing en­com­passes 5,520 sq. ft. of pub­lic and staff space with two pub­lic re­strooms. Services would need to be pro­vided when the li­brary is closed two days per