Apollo and OverDrive

You may no­tice some changes with our library’s on­line cat­a­log and while check­ing out books at the cir­cu­la­tion desk. We’re ex­cited to be us­ing a new sys­tem, Apollo.

(They’ve won the Modern Library Award – Product of the Year for the last sev­eral years now. Article: Apollo in the 7th year at the top. )

If you’re wish­ing to log into your li­brary ac­count or ac­cess your OverDrive ac­count, please con­tact the li­brary and leave a mes­sage for our Director Jill Brown or shoot her an email at jbrown@​millingtonlibrary.​info (and be sure to men­tion your full name in the email). Let us know what you’d like your new pass­word to be and she’ll be able to re-​configure your ac­count and get you back read­ing!

Once you have ac­cess to your li­brary ac­count, you’ll be able to make re­serves, re­new your items, and view your check-​out his­tory (you can opt out of this, if you wish).

When check­ing out items in the li­brary, you’ll be pre­sented with a printed re­ceipt list­ing all of the items you just checked out with their due date in­stead of the stamped due date card. Also on your re­ceipt, you’ll also see other items you cur­rently have checked out and any fines you may owe.

The trans­fer of data from our old sys­tem to the new one has been a lit­tle bumpy. Please bear with us as we work out the bugs and learn the new pro­gram.