Frieda Meachum Conference Room

Rules of Use by Outside Groups

  • The con­fer­ence room will be avail­able to all non-commercial groups where no prod­ucts or oth­er ser­vices are sold or have a fee attached; no reli­gious or cam­paign activ­i­ties allowed.
  • Applications for the use of the con­fer­ence room must be made by an offi­cer of the group and approved by the director.
  • Users of the con­fer­ence room shall be respon­si­ble for any and all dam­ages result­ing from their use of the room.
  • No smok­ing on library property.
  • Groups using the con­fer­ence room must clean up after them­selves at the end of their time allotted.
  • The library is not respon­si­ble for any per­son­al belongings.
  • The con­fer­ence room may only be used when the library is open.
  • Users of the con­fer­ence room shall not exceed its capac­i­ty of 15 adults.
  • Users may reserve cal­en­dar dates for six months in advance.
  • Electrical equip­ment must be approved before it is used
  • Liability insur­ance may be required.
  • Certain fee-based ser­vices may be allowed at the dis­cre­tion of the Director.