Category: Library News

VOX Book Kick-​off!

We are pleased to add VOX books to our col­lec­tion! With the as­sis­tance of Michigan Center for the Book, we have added a se­lec­tion of pic­ture books that you can lis­ten to while read­ing. Curious? Stop in!

Library hours for Friday

The li­brary will be clos­ing on Friday, April 19th @ noon. We will re-​open on Saturday, April 20th @ 9 am.

On-​line payments now accepted at the library

We are pleased to of­fer the con­ve­nience of on-​line pay­ments to the li­brary. Please click be­low to make a do­na­tion to the li­brary or to pay any fee you might have. Credit/​debit card pay­ments are also ac­cepted at the li­brary!

Library Open

We have the cure for cabin fever! Open to­day 9 am – 6 pm cab·in fe·ver noun INFORMALNORTH AMERICAN ir­ri­tabil­ity, list­less­ness, and sim­i­lar symp­toms re­sult­ing from long con­fine­ment or iso­la­tion in­doors dur­ing the win­ter.