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Digital Collection

Want to read eBooks or lis­ten to an au­dio­book stream­ing on your phone or tablet? Check out our dig­i­tal col­lec­tion. It’s ac­ces­si­ble 24/​7. (To check-​out items: you’ll need to have your li­brary card num­ber and PIN.)

What If My Books are Overdue and the Library is Closed?

cca­sion­ally the Millington Arbela District Library will be forced to close be­cause of se­vere weather or other un­forseen cir­cum­stances. When this hap­pens, if you wish to re­turn ma­te­r­ial while the li­brary is closed, please use our drop­box for all ex­cept

Early Literacy Station For Kids

ring your fa­vorite kid and try out the AWE Early Literacy Station™ at the Millington Arbela District Library. The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is a dy­namic, dig­i­tal learn­ing so­lu­tion, touch screen com­puter. It is in­tended for use by chil­dren aged two

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id you miss be­ing no­ti­fied about the library’s lat­est snow clos­ing? Did you miss out on the op­por­tu­nity to at­tend an in­ter­est­ing li­brary event? You wouldn’t have, had you used the Subscribe to the Latest Library News fea­ture of­fered to